The Knight in Shining Armor©
Story 44
Words to Know:
galliant – brave, grand, splendid; noble in conduct. The firemen were gallant in their efforts to save lives.
There are many stories about knights. But few stories tell what happened to one of the most mysterious knights in the legends of knighthood. This is a part of his story.
Read Story Aloud:
Why did The Knight in Shining Armor refuse to marry such a wealthy princess?
What character flaws did the princess display?
How would you define the word honor?
What do we have to do to be judged as a person of honor?
(There is no one answer, but there is a golden rule many honorable people follow: “Treat others as you would have them treat you.”)
Do you believe a person's character determines their destiny? Explain.
Enrichment: (Optional)
Choose one character trait that you feel is important to you.
Character Traits: Define how these character traits relate in the story.