The Knight in Shining Armor©

Back in a time called the Middle Ages, there were brave and gallant soldiers called knights. They were not ordinary soldiers. They were trained to be the best of their kind. Schooled from early childhood, knights were taught to do good deeds, to protect the weak, to show kindness to all people, and to be brave in times of battle.

Because knights were so special, they were protected from head to toe with metal armor. One such knight was a very likable young man called Sir Gallant. Some thought there was something magic about him. Every time he put on his metal armor to go into battle, it shined and glowed like no other. When an enemy came near to attack him, they were blinded by the bright reflection of his shining armor. With this unique occurrence, and his many skills, he always won in battle.

It wasn’t long before the king’s only daughter, who was a mean and spoiled princess, began to show interest in Sir Gallant. After all, she could have anything she wanted.

She soon approached the king’s wise men. “Tell me about this knight in the shining armor,” she demanded.

They tried to explain. “He is the most perfect knight our kingdom has ever seen. He is brave, honest, loyal, and polite, and shows love and kindness to everyone he meets. He is everything a man or a knight should be.”

“Bring him to me,” said the selfish princess. “He will be of use to me.”

Sir Gallant already knew about the princess’s selfish ways. He and his men had been sent into battles to capture the gold and treasures she wanted. Many of his men had died because of her greed. However, Sir Gallant was loyal to the king and would do anything for his country—that is, anything that did not tarnish his personal code of honor and self-respect.

Dressed in his shining armor, Sir Gallant entered the princess’s chamber. The princess was immediately drawn to his handsome features, but she tried not to show it.

Sir Gallant fell to his knees and bowed before her. “I am honored to serve you, Your Highness.”

“Rise,” she said. “I am told that you are loved by many in the kingdom. Therefore, I have decided that we shall be united in marriage.”

Sir Gallant could hardly believe his ears. His heart and his sense of honor seemed to flash before him. How could this be? he thought. He stood silent.

“Well, what is your response?” snapped the princess.

The young knight quietly replied. “With all due respect, Your Highness, marriage without love is doomed.”

“What do you mean?” she demanded.

Sir Gallant responded. “To love and be loved in return is the greatest of all life’s gifts. I cannot return to you the love you cannot give. Your treasures are your love. As for me, someone is out there, someone I do not yet know, who is waiting to share my love.”

The princess seemed shocked by such words and could not speak. Sir Gallant bowed his head, slowly turned, and walked away. He was never seen in the kingdom again.

Word soon spread through other lands, but no one reported ever seeing him. Even to this day, young maidens with love in their hearts still look for the Knight in Shining Armor.

Gold and jewels might bring you pleasure,
But to love, and be loved, is life's greatest treasure.