The Adventure of the Two Frogs©
Story 27
Words to Know:
anxiously – from the word anxious; worried, uneasy. He waited anxiously in the dark.
Two frogs were very close friends. They followed each other everywhere one or the other would go. They would soon go on an adventure not far from where they lived.
Read Story Aloud:
What should the two frogs have done before jumping into the pool?
When Mario, the frog, headed back to the pool, why did his friend Luigi follow him?
If you don’t use your own good judgment, can friends lead you in the wrong direction?
What do you think happened to the two frogs after being left to stay in the pool?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Character Traits:
Self-reliance: (Rely on your good judgment, rather than others who might lead you in the wrong direction.)
Discretion: (Avoid actions and desires that could result in undesirable consequences.)
Friendship: (The kind of friend you choose says much about you.)