The Adventure of the Two Frogs©

From Italy comes a tale about two frogs who were very good friends. Their names were Mario and Luigi. They were as happy as frogs could be. After all, the big fishpond where they lived was full of insects, spiders, minnows, and other good things to eat.

One day, the family that lived in the house nearby decided to build a small swimming pool not very far from the fishpond. On the day the family took their first swim, the two frogs were quite surprised.

“Look!” shouted Mario to his friend Luigi. “People are swimming in a pond just like we do.”

“You’re right,” said Luigi, “and they seem so happy.”

“Yes,” said Mario, “I’ll bet it’s because there is a lot of good food floating around the water.”

“I never thought of that,” responded Luigi.

“Well, I did,” said Mario, “and tonight, when they are sleeping, you and I are going for a swim in that pond.”

“Oh, that will be fun,” exclaimed Luigi. And they both waited anxiously for the evening to turn dark. Then, about midnight, when all was quiet, they hopped over the grass to the edge of the swimming pool and looked in.

“Look,” said Luigi, “I’ve never seen pretty water like this before. You can see clear to the bottom.”

“Well, just follow me,” said Mario as he dove in. Luigi followed with a splash. “Hey! This water is different,” he shouted.

“Yes,” replied Mario, “and I can’t find anything swimming in here that we can eat. Let’s get back to our pond.”

But when they tried to get out, they discovered something frightening. There was a slippery wall all around the pool. They couldn’t climb out, no matter how hard they tried.

“We can’t give up,” shouted Mario, “even if it takes all night.”

The long night turned to daylight. The next morning, barely alive, they were still trapped in the pool.

But good luck suddenly was on their side. A young girl came walking up and saw the two motionless frogs. “Oh, you poor things,” she cried. “You must be trapped in our pool.”

She took the nearby pool net and lifted both frogs from the water. She then carried them far out on the grass and dumped them on the ground. They hardly moved and slept all day, until it was dark again.

Mario was the first to awaken. He was still tired and dizzy. “Wake up, Luigi,” he mumbled. “We’re OK.”

Luigi could hardly open his eyes. “Where are we?”

“Never mind,” said Mario, “just follow me. We’re on our way back to our pond.” He then started leaping as fast as he could. Luigi followed right behind. Splash! Both frogs went in over their heads. How great it felt to be back in water again, they thought.

But something was wrong. As they slowly looked around, they realized that they were back in the swimming pool!

“It can’t be,” shouted Mario. “I thought I was heading for the fishpond.” Luigi became frightened. “I never should have followed you again after you got us into trouble the first time,” he said.

“Don’t be silly,” said Mario. “We’ll find a way out.”

Just then, lights came on. “Look!” he shouted. “Here comes the little girl again, and she’s with her mother. Let’s start croaking ... Divit! ... Divit! ... Divit!”

Suddenly, the mother saw the two frogs. “Look, Anna!” she said. “Two frogs are trapped in our pool. We must help them out.”

“Oh, mother, those are the same two frogs I scooped out of the pool this morning. Why would they be so foolish as to jump back into our pool unless they really like it here? Let’s let them stay.”

“Very well,” said the mother.

And how long they stayed—we will never, never know.

When you follow a trusted friend,
Make sure you know where you will end.
Frogs Frogs