The Legend of Kinta and Bunga©
Story 43
Words to Know:
tradition – the handing down of beliefs, customs, etc., from generation to generation. According to tradition, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day every November.
Two young men, who were very close friends, were soon old enough to go out into world their separate ways. How they managed and succeeded gives us several things to remember.
Read Story Aloud:
In the beginning, what character flaw did Bunga disclose?
What made Bunga change his ways?
Like Kinta and Bunga, each student in school is given the same amount of tools and guidance to help them become successful. What changes can you make in your studies that will help improve your grades?
Can you recall the five morals disclosed in the story?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Character Traits: Define how these character traits relate in the story.
Work ethic: