Don Quixote Lives Again©
(Don Quixote is a Spanish name and is pronounced Don Ke Ho' Tay)
Story 42
Words to Know:
penitentiary – a prison. The man who robbed the store was sent to the penitentiary.
parody – a humorous imitation of a serious writing. This story is a parody.
You are going to meet old Slim Coyote, who dressed up in a uniform and tried to be like the person that the uniform represented.
Read Story Aloud:
Who was Don Quixote?
(He is the hero of a novel called Don Quixote, written by the Spanish writer Cervantes. It was published in the year 1605, and tells of Don Quixote’s many misadventures in pretending to be a gallant knight.)
Like Don Quixote, what did Slim Coyote do?
Do the clothes we wear tell the true story of who we are?
What did Slim Coyote learn from his friend Pancho?
Could Pancho have gotten into trouble by following along with such a friend as Slim Coyote?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Discuss how we can be influenced or act in ways that are different when we are with other people.
Read the novel Don Quixote.
Find the word "idealism" in the dictionary.
Character Traits: Define how these character traits relate in the story.
Other: Reality vs. Pretense