The Legendary Test of Columbus©
Story 40
Words to Know:
character – the qualities that make a person what he or she is, and the way a person thinks, feels, and acts in the important matters of life.
Christopher Columbus had to leave someone he could trust on an island with a large number of his men. But whom could he trust to lead them? He created a simple test.
Read Story Aloud:
How can you tell if someone is trustworthy?
If you had to leave something you treasured behind, whom would you trust to take care of it?
If you were told to do something that you know is wrong, what would you do?
How would you describe a person of character?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Explain how your character can determine your destiny.
Create a Test of Columbus. Example: Your friend John has been accused of a crime that you know he did not commit and is hiding in your house. The police arrive and ask you if you have seen him. Do you say yes and turn him in, or do you lie and say no if you know he will be sent to jail for something he didn’t do? (This test is an ancient paradox.)
Character Traits: Define how these character traits relate in the story.