The Kingdom of Wishland©
Story 32
Words to Know:
unforseen – unexpected; not known beforehand. The tornado that came was unforeseen.
Twin sisters were allowed to visit a mighty wizard who granted each one a wish for a lifetime. We’ll learn what each sister wished for and how it affected their lives.
Read Story Aloud:
Which of the twin sisters would you choose as a friend? Why?
Can you trust someone who doesn’t keep his or her promises?
Besides riches and beauty, what other wish could each sister have wished for?
What small promise could you make today that you can keep tomorrow?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Character Traits:
Responsibility: (The responsible sister was trustworthy and reliable in keeping her promise.)
Justice: (In the end, the unreliable sister had to pay the consequences.)
Other: Generosity vs. selfishness