The Enchanted Princess©
Story 29
Words to Know:
discover – to learn something not known before. Columbus set sail to discover unknown areas of the world.
Something happened to a beautiful princess that had to remain a secret. You will see how her family and friends kept the secret in order to protect her.
Read Story Aloud:
Why did the wise men hide all the mirrors in the castle?
Should we tell someone something about himself or herself that would make him or her unhappy?
What are some things that are not right to say to someone?
What is gossip? (Is it something we should repeat to others?)
What is the worse kind of gossip?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Discuss the paradox in the story concerning the wise men creating a falsehood for what they thought was a good purpose. Was it the right thing to do?
Character Traits:
Sensitivity: (Exercise my senses to the feelings of others.)
Discretion: (Avoid gossip or words that could belittle others.)
Resourcefulness: (The wise men made a clever but difficult choice to protect the princess.)