The Giant of La Costa Village©
Story 24
Words to Know:
legend – a story that was made up long ago and passed down from one generation to another. The story about George Washington chopping down a cherry tree is a popular legend.
The people of La Costa Village were frightened when a giant came to their village and threatened to take their land. They soon learned a valuable lesson.
Read Story Aloud:
Who did the duke turn to for help when the giant arrived?
(He got advice from the wise men. When in trouble, it is wise to get advice from those whose knowledge we trust.)
How did the duke get rid of the giant?
(The people worked together. Even though the giant was stronger than any one of the people, he was not stronger than all of the people working together. When there is a disaster such as a tornado, earthquake or flood, people pitch in to help one another. We can help solve any problem in our community if we work together.)
Have you ever volunteered to work with a group for a helpful cause? (Explain)
Is there anything you might do that would help your community or neighborhood?
Do we the people have a civic duty? Explain responsibility to family, community, and country.
Enrichment: (Optional)
Read the story about Paul Bunyan, a famous tall tale about a giant and his adventures. See if he was a giant that helped people or hurt them. Discuss the problem of some people who are larger and bully those who are smaller.
Character Traits:
Civic Duty, Teamwork: (Joining in with others for a good cause.)
Wisdom: (The duke showed wisdom in getting advice from those wiser than he.)
Obedience: (Cheerfully carrying out the directions of my authorities.)
Resourcefulness: (The wise men showed resourcefulness in getting rid of the giant.)