The Great Wall©
Story 23
Words to Know:
empire – a group of countries under one ruler or government. The king ruled the empire with love and understanding.
This is a story about two young people in China who loved each other very much but became separated because of war. You will see how their love remained.
Read Story Aloud:
Was the love between Ming Lee and Lin Su Wong a true love?
How important is love in our lives?
(Most important. We show our true love by what we do for one another rather than what we say to one another.)
What would the world be like without love? Explain by example.
What do we have to do to show our love for one another?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Find information and/or stories about the actual Great Wall of China. Draw or find a picture of the Great Wall. Look on a map of China in the southern region for the village of Yulin. Read the story about the brave carrier pigeons in World War I and II.
Character Traits:
Love: (“Respect is what we owe; love is what we give.”)
Endurance: (During many years of hardships, Ming Lee never gave up, and in the end he returned to Lin Su Wong.)
Creativity: (Both Lin Su Wong and Ming Lee thought of a cleaver way to bring them together again.)