The Happy Stranger of Sunville©
Story 21
Words to Know:
knapsack – a canvas bag with two shoulder straps for carrying supplies. The tools in his knapsack were quite heavy.
A traveler came to a village. His ways were different from and seemed strange to the villagers. We find out what the villagers did and did not learn from the traveler.
Read Story Aloud:
Why did the people want the stranger from Sunville to leave Woodville?
Why is it that some people do not know how people from other places live?
(Unless we visit their home, their city, their country, or speak with them, we cannot fully understand the way other people live.)
Could the people of Woodville have learned something worthwhile from the stranger?
(Yes. Each culture in our world has something worthwhile to learn about. In a free country like ours we learn to respect the way all people live, including those who are different from us.)
Enrichment: (Optional)
Character Traits:
Tolerance: (Understanding and accepting others unlike oneself.)
Forgiveness: (Clearing the record of those who have wronged me.)
Hospitable, Joyfulness: (Neighborly, Cheerfully sharing.)