The Fox in the Chicken Coop©
Story 20
Words to Know:
tangled – twisted and twined together in a confused mass. The boy was tangled in the rope.
A farmer had a problem keeping a certain fox from sealing his prized chickens. He created a trap. But the chickens came up with a better idea.
Read Story Aloud:
What do we mean when we say “the fox is in the chicken coop?”
(Answers will vary. However, in the story, it means that the enemy you don’t want to come inside has been allowed to come in.)
Were the chickens wise to believe that the fox would keep his word and protect them from other foxes?
(It was not wise, and was very dangerous. Though the fox kept his word, it is not smart to trust one’s safety to those we know to be of bad reputation. Discuss.)
What caused the fox to agree to protect the chickens from the other foxes?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Character Traits:
Trustworthiness: (The chickens put their trust in the fox, and he proved to be trustworthy by keeping his promise.)
Creativity: (By thinking clearly, the chickens were able to solve a serious problem.)
Adaptability: (The fox was wise to change his ways to fit his condition.)
Justice (Justice was served when the chickens and the fox reached an agreement.)