The Prince of Plenty©
Story 19
Words to Know:
coronation – the ceremony of crowning a king, queen, emperor, etc.
A spoiled prince would not consider any of the beautiful young ladies he met beautiful enough to be his bride. So he found an unusual way to find the bride he wished for.
Read Story Aloud:
Given so much wealth, why was the prince never satisfied?
In today’s world, what do we mean when we say that a person is spoiled?
Are most people happier when they are given what they want, or when they work for and achieve what they want?
How can giving bring more happiness than receiving?
What is the true meaning of beauty? Discuss inner versus outer beauty.
Enrichment: (Optional)
Character Traits:
Contentment: (Happiness not hindered by material conditions)
Prudence: (Cautious in conduct. Making sound judgements.)
Other: Benevolence vs. Self-gratification