Mrs. Tee's Penny Party©
Story 18
Words to Know:
exclaimed – saying or crying out suddenly with strong feeling. He exclaimed loudly.
The children of Mr. and Mrs. Tee could not afford the cost of tickets to a circus. Mrs. Tee told them how she managed to solve such a problem when she was a young girl.
Read Story Aloud:
Why did Mrs. Tee want her children to raise the money for their circus tickets?
(She wanted the children to understand and appreciate the work effort it takes to earn the money for the things they wanted, and the meaning of the word ONLY.)
Do you think the children learned something about the value of money?
Is it more rewarding to work for something you want, or to receive it as a free gift? Discuss.
Enrichment: (Optional)
Join a group in raising funds for a worthy cause in your community.
Character Traits:
Work ethic: (Work has its own rewards.)
Resourcefulness: (Mrs. Tee had a bright idea.)