The Wisest Old Owl©
Story 17
Words to Know:
shun – to stay away from. Do what is right and shun what is wrong.
If you could listen to a wise old owl, it would be very wise to listen. So here is the story of a very wise owl.
Read Story Aloud:
What are the owl’s three rules for achieving a good life?
(1. Prepare yourself today for your life tomorrow. Discuss.
2. Associate with those who are good, and shun those who are bad. Discuss.
3. Help and give service to others greater that you would have them give service to you. Discuss.)
Enrichment: (Optional)
Someone has a problem and asked for your advice. Example: “I lost my watch. What should I do?” Have student act out a service to others.
Character Traits:
Wisdom: (Showing a commitment to studies today for rewards of tomorrow.)
Discretion: (Avoid those friends who might bring you to undesirable consequences.)
Benevolence: (Giving service to others without motive of personal reward.)
Self-discipline: (Knowing and following the rules.)
Civic duty: (Giving service to our community.)