The Treasure Hunt©
Story 16
Words to Know:
lonely – alone, and being away from others. The lookout in the tower was often lonely.
The children of the neighborhood were invited to a treasure hunt. But what big surprise awaited them?
Read Story Aloud:
Why did Mr. Willis have a treasure hunt? (Could it be that he was lonely?)
Do you know anyone who lives alone and would enjoy hearing from you?
What were the two secret words the children had to shout?
Why is it important to thank someone for his or her kindness?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Encourage the student to explain what the old house must have looked like. Impress upon students that they should never enter a neighbor’s or especially a stranger’s house without parent approval.
Have the student write a "thank you" note to someone deserving thanks, with no less than five sentences.
Character Traits:
Compassion, Empathy: (Feeling, showing concern, and giving comfort to those in need.)
Generosity, Benevolence: (Giving to others without motive of personal reward.)
Gratitude, Gratefulness: (Showing appreciation and thanks for someone’s kindness.)