Fox Meets Sly Red Fox©
Story 15
Words to Know:
gasping – hard to breathe with open mouth. She was gasping after such a long run.
A young fox barely escaped being caught by a pack of foxhounds. He soon met an older fox that gave him some lifesaving advise about staying alive.
Read Story Aloud:
What made the Sly Red Fox important?
What made the hunter show respect to the young fox?
What do we mean when we say someone has a good name?
(It is the person, not the name, which brings respect and honor to his or her name. Discuss.)
What do people have to do to bring respect and honor to their name?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Name a famous person whom you think has a good name (reputation).
Name a famous person whom you think has a bad name (reputation).
Character Traits:
Self-worth: (Taking pride in being a good example for self and family.)
Respect: (Doing right to others as you would have them do right to you.)
Responsibility: (The Jolly Red Fox agreed to conduct himself in a responsible way.)