The Twin Princes©
Story 13
Words to Know:
favored – liked better than others. She favored fruit rather than candy.
This is a story about a king who had twin sons. Only one son could be chosen to be king when the father was no longer able to be king. But which one would be chosen?
Read Story Aloud:
Why did the king give more to one son than the other? Was the king being fair?
What did the king finally say and do that was right and fair?
(He apologized to his son and asked to be forgiven. Like the king, it is honorable to admit when we are wrong.)
Why was the prince who was given only one gift able to find the crown before the prince who had everything?
(He made full use of the one and only gift that was given to him. Even though some of us may not have all the advantages that many others have, we must make the most of what we do have. Example: School is very much like that little dictionary the prince had. We must use it wisely.)
Enrichment: (Optional)
Encourage student to discuss known individuals who have made the most of their handicaps. What are some advantages we have which we should use to the best of our ability?
Character Traits:
Fairness, Equality: (The king apologized to his son and asked for forgiveness.)
Wisdom, Self-reliance: (Making the most of one’s circumstances.)
Determination: (Accomplish a goal given regardless of the opposition.)
Resourcefulness: (Practical use of that which others would overlook.)
Justice: (At the end of the story, the king upholds that which is right, and true.)
Other: Tolerance vs. Prejudice