Mentor, the Inventor©
Story 12
Words to Know:
instructed – taught, informed, told. We were instructed about fire safety.
Have you ever been angry because someone laughed at you? Were they making fun of you or trying to get you to laugh, too? This story is about someone who wouldn’t laugh at anything.
Read Story Aloud:
Why didn’t the princess laugh?
(She didn’t have what is called ‘a sense of humor.’)
What made the princess laugh?
(She saw how funny she looked to everyone around.)
Do you believe the princess felt better about herself after she laughed?
Do we look funny to others when we get angry over little things?
Why is staying angry not healthy?
Is it healthy to have a sense of humor?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Ask the student to illustrate the “sourpuss” princess and the laughing princess.
Character Traits:
Optimism: (Looking at the bright side. “Is the glass half full, or half empty?”)
Joyfulness: (Not allowing unpleasant conditions to control my attitude.)
Creativity: (Like Mentor the Inventor, approaching a task from a new perspective.)
Self-actualization: (The princess discovers something about herself she didn’t realize.)