Pearl, the Forgetful Girl©
Story 11
Words to Know:
forgetful – having a poor memory. Not listening carefully made her forgetful.
Everyone forgets things from time to time. But here is a story about a girl you might want to remember not to follow.
Read Story Aloud:
Why do you think Pearl, the forgetful girl, was so forgetful?
Could Pearl, the forgetful girl, learn to be more responsible and less forgetful?
If Pearl, the forgetful girl, were your friend, what could you do to help her?
What do you do in order to be on time for school?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Conduct a memory test. Write the name of eight items. Allow one minute for the student to remember the items.
Character Traits:
Responsibility: (Being reliable, accountable and trustworthy in basic obligations.)
Self-discipline: (Careful control and training of oneself.)
Attentiveness: (Paying attention.)