The Snail and the Lizard©
Story 9
Words to Know:
pod – the shell or case in which plants like peas and beans grow their seeds.
A snail by the name of Snooky was invited to a birthday party for his friend who lived on the other side of a mountain. But how would he get there on time?
Read Story Aloud:
Would you like to have a friend like Snooky the Snail?
Snooky the Snail had to leave his present behind on top of the mountain. But what did he do that made his friend, Lilly the Lizard, so happy?
What is a good friend really like?
Is it right to arrive on time when you are invited somewhere?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Draw a picture of Snooky the Snail rolling down the mountain to get to the party on time.
Character Traits:
Endurance: (Snooky the Snail went to great trouble in order to reach his friend’s birthday party on time.)