The Miser and the Fish©
Story 8
Words to Know:
stingy – selfish, unwilling to share with others. Jeff was being stingy with his candy.
Have you ever known someone who is stingy? This is a story about a miser who was so stingy he wouldn’t spend money for food.
Read Story Aloud:
What lesson could the miser learn from this story?
Do you think misers are happy people?
If we give to people, will they give to us?
Why didn’t the old man wish something for himself?
If you could give money away, to whom would you give it?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Have the student change the end of the story, such as having the miser see something that causes him to share something with all the villagers.
Character Traits:
Benevolence: (A desire to promote the happiness of others.)
Contentment: (True happiness not hindered by material conditions.)
Other: Generosity vs. Greed