The Giraffe and the Monkeys©
Story 6
Words to Know:
share – each taking a part of something. My friend shared some candy with me.
In this story, the tallest animal in the world, a giraffe, meets some monkeys and learns one of life’s important lessons.
Read Story Aloud:
Why did the giraffe not wish to share his food with the monkeys?
What happened that caused the giraffe to collect food and share it with the monkeys?
What would have happened to the giraffe if the monkeys didn’t want the berries he wanted to share?
Can you think of something that would be nice to share with someone?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Arrange to share something you have with the student, and have the student share something he or she has with you.
Character Traits:
Generosity: (Giving.)