The Conscience and the Skunk©
Story 5
Words to Know:
conscience – having a sense of right or wrong. Our conscience can help us make the right decision.
You have heard people say, β€œLet your conscience be your guide.” You will enjoy this story about a skunk and a rabbit and their big surprise.
Read Story Aloud:
After the rabbit cheated the skunk, what caused him to tell the truth?
What is your conscience?
Do you think most people know right from wrong?
If someone cheats, could they be cheating themselves? Explain.
Do you think the rabbit felt better after he told the skunk he cheated? Discuss.
Enrichment: (Optional)
Exercise: You find money on the floor. What do you do? Let the student contribute situations.
Character Traits:
Truthfulness: (Earning trust by accurately reporting past facts.)
Honesty: (The rabbit soon showed his good character and honesty by admitting he had cheated the skunk β€” and cleared his conscience.)