How People and Animals Became Friends©
Story 3
Words to Know:
tribes – a group of people united in a community under a chief or elders. There are many Native American (American Indian) tribes.
In olden times, people made up stories to explain some things about the world. This story is a about a time when animals and people became friends.
Read Story Aloud:
How important are animals in our lives?
(The world would be quite different without animals. We humans would be quite different. There are more than three million different kinds of animals on earth. We should always take care of animals.)
Can you name some of the good things animals bring to us?
(Sponges from the sea, food, clothing, oils, labor, protection, sports, entertainment, medicines, transportation, companionship, and love.)
What can people do that most animals cannot do?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Think of animals that are still considered wild and dangerous. Have any of these animals been tamed? Plan a trip to the zoo. Show pictures and information about animals that are now extinct or those that are soon to be extinct.
Character Traits:
Compassion: (We give love and kindness to animals that depend on our care.)
Resourcefulness: (The people used their thinking ability to improve their lives.)
Respect: (The students showed respect by being polite and thanking their teacher.)