The Ant and the Bee©
Story 1
Words to Know:
descend - to come down from a higher to a lower place. He descended from upstairs.
An ant and a honeybee both want to take nectar from the same flower. Lets see how they decided which one can take the most.
Read Story Aloud:
Who helped the ant outsmart the honeybee and collect the most nectar?
(Discuss both good and bad friendships.)
Why will the honeybee have trouble having friends?
(It is difficult to be friends with someone who bullies us with some advantage he or she seems to have.)
How important are friends in our lives?
What do we have to do to have friends?
Enrichment: (Optional)
Find information about honeybees. Read how honeybees get nectar from plants. See if you can find out why they use their stingers.
Character Traits:
Friendship: (Good relationship with others.)
Determination: (Accomplish a goal given regardless of the opposition.)
Teamwork: (In union there is strength.)
Other: Tolerance vs. Prejudice