Mentor, the Inventor©

A very long time ago, before many inventions we have today were ever thought of, there lived a very mean and angry king. He became mean and angry because his daughter, the princess, never laughed, no matter how funny a thing might be.

He became so upset about this that he instructed everyone in his kingdom to think of something funny, anything that would make the princess laugh. Soon, crowds of people began to arrive at the castle each day. Some were dressed in funny costumes and would stand on their heads and hands making funny noises.

Others sang funny songs like, “Princess, Princess, crocodile, crack your face and try to smile.”

Many others made up funny riddles like, “Princess, is it true that you like to ride horses at night because you like to have nightmares?”

Another handed the princess a big bullfrog and told her that the frog would turn into a handsome prince if she would laugh. But the princess didn’t laugh. Not only did she refuse to laugh, but she scowled like an old sourpuss.

Standing nearby, the king became angrier than ever before. He then declared to everyone in the kingdom, “From now on, anyone who comes before the princess and does not make her laugh will be punished and put into prison until the day the princess laughs.” From then on, very few people came to try to make her laugh.

However, it wasn’t long before word of the king’s declaration reached the ears of Isaac Mentor, the well-known inventor. Surely something Isaac Mentor, the well-known inventor, had invented could make the princess laugh. So off to the castle he went.

Upon arriving, he shouted to the crowd, “Clear the way, the princess will laugh today.”

Everyone moved back in surprise as Isaac Mentor, the well-known inventor, stepped up before the grumpy-looking princess. He then announced, “Your Royal Highness, I have something very funny for you to see.”

“It better be. What is it?” asked the grouchy princess.

“Yourself, Your Highness. You see, I have invented what is called a mirror.” And he unwrapped a large looking glass.

Well, the face of the princess stiffened as she looked into the mirror. But, when she saw herself with such a sourpuss face, while everyone was laughing all over the place, she began to laugh and laugh and laugh. Which all goes to show: “Sometimes for your own good health, it’s very good to laugh at yourself.”

Angry frowns get you down;
Happy faces get you places.

Queen Queen